Our mission is to identify and respond to unmet needs in our community swiftly, efficiently, and while preserving the dignity of those we serve — one small act of kindness at a time.

We’re a volunteer-driven, grassroots initiative with a simple goal: to extend a loving, supportive hand to our community whenever, wherever, and for whomever, it’s needed.

We’re first responders in times of crisis. A safety net for the vulnerable. A triage connecting those in need to the best communal resources available.

And if those resources don’t exist, we get to work on the problem ourselves.

While we run several distinct programs and services, we also provide confidential, case-by-case assistance for community members with nowhere else to turn.

Whether it’s providing school lunches for a hungry child, helping a single mom find affordable housing, distributing masks in the wake of a pandemic, installing a fence for a family with a special-needs child—

where there’s a need, we work to fill it.

Never content to watch from the sidelines, our leaders stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our dedicated volunteers—carrying boxes, delivering food, even giving out their personal cell numbers—always with a smile.