A young girl goes to school hungry, lost
in the shuffle of a family in crisis.

A young boy’s only pair of shoes is full of
holes ahead of a long, cold Michigan winter.

A family is faced with a choice between paying
their heating bills and buying food for Shabbat.

A home-bound senior wonders how
he’ll restock groceries and medications
without exposing himself to COVID-19 .

A refrigerator breaks down, throwing a wrench
into the daily life of a struggling family.

For these individuals and so many more, there’s a safe haven to which they know they can turn:

Detroit Chesed.

There’s no shortage of incredible organizations serving our community, from food pantries to provide supplementary food to low-income families, to organizations offering mental health and safety net services, to institutions providing interest-free loans.

The list goes on.

But there are also many
individuals who aren’t aware
that these organizations exist,
or whose needs don’t fit neatly
into the services they provide.

At Detroit Chesed, we’re bridging that gap.

Through a multitude of projects, programs, and quiet
acts of kindness, our goal is that no man, woman, or child in our community falls through the cracks.

As long as there are people in crisis—large or
small; sudden or chronic; financial, medical, or emotional—we’re there to comfort, feed, organize, clothe, deliver, and delight.

We’re known for many things.
Saying “no” isn’t one of them.