“My mother who lives alone received such beautiful flowers from Detroit Chesed. It meant the world to her. I know this is only a fraction of the tremendous chesed you do for our community. Thank you so much.”

—Mrs. K.

“Thank you Detroit Chesed for all the special programs you continue to do for our community! This post-Pesach box is just another example: You anticipate our needs not only in the time of need, but before we know we need it!”

—Mrs. F.


Whenever a need arises, we rise to the challenge. We give out school supplies, help newly single mothers make a fresh start, and do whatever we can to support our community on a case-by-case basis.


When we’re approached by someone in need, and those needs can’t be met by our other programs and services in the community, our Special Projects department supports community members on a case-by-case basis with sensitivity, warmth, and understanding.


When a single mother, who always puts her child’s needs before her own, struggles to afford furniture and appliances for her new apartment, Detroit Chesed is there. When a parent loses a job, plunging a family into financial crisis, and their children need backpacks, uniforms, and supplies for back-to-school, Detroit Chesed is there. When a soon-to-be bar mitzvah boy needs a new suit so that he doesn’t have to wear his neighbor’s handme-down on his special day, Detroit Chesed is there. When a father tries desperately to keep the house afloat while his wife is hospitalized due to a difficult pregnancy, Detroit Chesed is there.


This has not been a typical year. When the world shut down and we were called upon to “stay home to save lives,” Detroit Chesed swung into action, assembling an army of volunteers that hit the ground running on a number of unprecedented programs for unprecedented times.

Information Hotline. We continue to answer thousands of questions about testing and treatment options.
Resource Guide. We compiled a list of available aid and resources and mailed it to 5,000 families.
Grocery Deliveries. We set up an online ordering and delivery system for Detroit’s only fully kosher supermarket, allowing vulnerable people to shop safely at no extra cost.
Mask Distribution. We purchased 55,000 face masks and gave them out to local families.
Passover Provisions. We provided hundreds of families with new pots and kosher-for-Passover food to help prepare for a stay-at-home holiday.
Wellness Checks. We called 1,500 vulnerable and isolated people and sent over 500 bouquets of flowers to cheer those in quarantine.
Distance Learning. We gave cell phones and service plans to families with school-aged children to help them learn safely and effectively from home.