Co-founder, President

Born in Israel, Tzadok moved to New York as a young child. In the 9th grade, his parents sent him to Detroit for high school, and he has been part of the community ever since. He never forgot the warm welcome he received from the Detroit Jewish community, and he’s never stopped looking for opportunities to pay that kindness forward. As CoFounder and President of Detroit Chesed, Tzadok draws on his experiences in the hospitality industry as a former hotel owner and manager, always willing to go the extra mile to make sure people feel cared for. Warm and outgoing, Tzadok thrives on interactions with the members of his beloved community. When it comes to Detroit Chesed, no task is too big or too small for Tzadok. Whether he’s coordinating a gala dinner or packing meals for Tomchei Shabbos, Tzadok is always ready to get involved wherever and whenever necessary.


Co-founder, President

Avi completed his rabbinic studies in Jerusalem, then relocated to eastern Europe to spearhead educational and outreach initiatives for Jewish orphans in Ukraine and Belarus. In Ukraine, Avi started a summer camp for American teenagers to spend time with their Jewish Ukrainian peers while touring the country. He also served as the director of a local Jewish summer camp for boys. After arriving in Detroit to serve as Program Director for the nonprofit Partners in Torah, Avi quickly became an invaluable member of the Detroit community. Avi has spearheaded numerous national business and non-profit initiatives, including the nonprofit Detroit Jewish Business Network, which connects local Jewish-owned businesses, and the Association of Chesed Organizations, an umbrella organization that provides a multitude of services for chesed organizations throughout North America. A generous soul by nature, Avi has brought his dedication and passion to Detroit Chesed since its inception. With his background in catering, he was especially instrumental in the creation of Detroit Chesedā€™s Tomchei Shabbos program to provide Shabbos meals for struggling families


Director of Operations

Channie has deep roots in Detroit. After graduating from a local school, earning her teacher’s certification, and serving in multiple administrative and educational roles, Channie eventually became a teacher in the same educational system she’d attended as a child. A 25-year career in education gave Channie countless opportunities to witness the effects of poverty and instability on childrenā€”and the drive to do something about it herself. Having seen time and time again how seemingly minor thingsā€”a nutritious lunch, a new set of school supplies, or a clean and presentable school outfitā€”had an enormous impact on a student’s ability to thrive, Channie is a firm believer in the power small changes can have to shape a child’s future. A gifted administrator, Channie keeps Detroit Chesed running smoothly and efficiently. Her tireless work has brightened the lives of countless children and adults throughout our community.



An entrepreneur and investor in the alternative finance industry, Yochananā€™s true passion has always been chesedā€”both within the Detroit community and in the wider Jewish world. As one of the earliest members of Detroit Chesed, Yochanan was initially drawn to its grassroots mission and the quiet yet powerful impact it has on the lives of so many people. Particularly passionate about helping at-risk youth and adults in the orthodox community, Yochanan is currently launching Fresh Start, a non-profit focused on helping members of the orthodox community overcome emotional/ mental health challenges and heal from trauma.


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