After 6 years of bringing kindness into the homes of so many, Detroit Chesed is in urgent need of a home of its own.

But we need your help to turn this dream into a reality.

Currently, all of our programs operate from separate locations,
which creates tremendous logistical obstacles to helping our families.

The Spot

When the house we were in was sold from under us, we rented space in different locations
around town—four locations in four years. For children that crave routine and stability, this
is extremely challenging.
We have doubled in size in the last four years. We expanded our services
even more since COVID-19, as families with special needs children struggled immensely with all their
kids home 24/ 7. The Spot is an essential program in desperate need of a permanent home.

Tomchei Shabbos

Our current setup, far from optimal, has us storing items in a residential garage and packing boxes in
the living room. Due to lack of space, we're also forced to order small quantities, which increases
We need a larger space to accommodate our recipients, which have doubled since COVID-19 began.

Home Goods

Our Home Goods store is currently running out of a rented basement office space that we have far outgrown—
so much so that we need to supplement that space with a rented storage unit in a local storage facility.
have also experienced flooding too many times to count in the last few years, destroying precious inventory.

Special Project

Planning, packing and distributing—all of this takes place in residential locations, limiting our impact
and efficiency.
We are in desperate need of a place where we can coordinate all of these programs.