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the-spot-iconTHE SPOT

Mrs. S. Lob,   Mrs. E Goldberg

Two local young mothers created the SPOT in January 2016, to fill a need they saw in the community. In creating this program, they envisioned a respite facility for our community’s special needs children.

The Spot fills two concurrent needs. It provides a daily, after-school, three hour program, including dinner, for those with special needs. At the same time, it frees up parents to concentrate on the other children in their family. They can provide homework assistance, create a calm and relaxed dinner environment, and be better prepared to face the evening and bedtime.

The SPOT is staffed by young volunteers who are loving and caring, and have created a friendly, warm environment for the children. The program began, serving an average of 15 kids on a daily basis per week, and it continues to grow, providing them with a variety of activities geared to their individual abilities and needs.

In its effort to fully serve our community, Detroit Chesed Project is proud to include the SPOT as its newest program.


Detroit Chesed Project will provide school lunches to children from families in crisis. Lunches are delivered to homes the evening before school, so children know in the morning that all their needs are being taken care of. Lunches are nutritious, filling, and fun. Children can feel like the rest of their classmates. This has been a gamechanger to overwhelmed families.

home-good-iconHOME GOODS

Milaine Grossbard

Utilizing a storefront setting in our Southfield location, we provide varied and brand new merchandise, including kitchen goods, linens, showerheads, vacuum cleaners, coffee makers and other small appliances.

Community members are able to visit the home goods gemach by appointment.

Up to fifty people visit the home goods gemach each week, ensuring their
families are provided with necessary and important goods.



Rabbi M. Greenfield

There are local families who know all too well what it means to struggle financially. It often means deciding between paying the mortgage or buying food for the family.

Enter Tomchei Shabbos. Whether short or long term assistance is needed, complete catered meals are discreetly distributed to those who need Shabbos food each week.

In October, 2014, the fledgling Tomchei Shabbos serviced three families. As our community has grown, so has the need. To date Tomchei Shabbos provides over 100 weekly Shabbos meals to many families within our community.

other-projects-iconSPECIAL PROJECTS

Channie Goldstein

Back-to-school and Yom Tov are joyous times, but can also be very expensive times. Not every family can afford to buy their children new supplies for
school and the new clothing that helps provide their simchas Yom Tov.

Attuned to the feelings of these children, Detroit Chesed shopped for hundreds of boys and girls, outfitting them with new backpacks for the school year and with new shoes, suits, dresses and coats, helping to ensure that they, and their parents, enjoy the beauty and spirit of Yom Tov.

This past Purim, Detroit Chesed partnered with Chaverim to sponsor the hugely successful Purim shuttle. For the first time, rides were provided at
night and during the day to ensure the safety of all Purim revelers.

About us

Detroit Chesed Project (DCP) provides support to members of the Detroit Jewish Community in ways that are currently not being provided by other institutions.  Currently DCP has four divisions whereby we help those in need by providing clothing, home goods, guidance with government programs, and weekly prepared Shabbos food.

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